Physical Therapy Technicians

Brooke Penny

  • PT Tech
  • College:  Masters in Science - University of Arkansas, 2016
  • Location: Sherwood
  • Interests:

  • PT Tech
  • Personal Training - ACE  (American Counsel on Exercise) - 2015
  • Location: Little Rock 
  • Interests:

Tayler aids in physical therapy treatment  through a Physical Therapist directed medical exercise program.   She also designs personal training sessions for past patients with or without pathology pending their individual needs.   

Tayler enjoys spending time with her 3 kids and getting to the gym as much possible. 

Physical Therapy Techs

Tayler Albillar

Brooke is applying to Physical Therapy programs across the Midwest.    She enjoys helping patients through their exercise protocols and advancing her knowledge base on the human body and pathology.   

Brooke enjoys playing with her 2 dogs and attending Razorback football games. 

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