Personal Training

PTI's Functional Training  is our version of Personal Training but with a medical exercise approach.   A physical therapist will perform a quick orthopedic scan of your skeletal system and direct our Personal Trainer with specific directions of not only your "Do's" but also your "Do Nots." Our approach allows the client to progress towards their individual goals with less chance of injury.   

Whether your goal is weight loss, increase strength, or just improve overall health or wellness, PTI is here for you.   

With healthcare limiting therapy visits per calendar year, Functional Training can be used as an extension to your Therapy to maximize outcomes, normalize function, and achieve personal goals.   

Individual Rates 

     Session / week          Minutes          $ / Month

     1                                        30                       $155

     2                                        30                       $270

     3                                        30                       $400

     Session / week          Minutes          $ / Month
     1                                        60                       $245
     2                                        60                       $450
     3                                        60                       $670

Group Rates

     Session / week          Minutes          $ / Member
     1                                        30                       $25
     2                                        30                       $20

* Custom plans available upon request. 

Personal Training 

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