Gy A said:  December 2016

​Physical Therapy Institute is the best! Taylor, trainer, is very supportive yet with an insistent manner. She is full of energy and makes the workouts very enjoyable. I highly recommend the training as well as the physical therapy part. I have worked with Derek after two back surgeries. He is aqn extraordinary physical therapist with tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline, and, he is a lot of fun. From the time you walk in the door with Beth assisting you and Courtney who knows everything, it is a pleasure to work out at Physical Therapy Institute. 

Kaye K said:  December 7, 2016

I have had physical therapy frequently during my seventy years. This is the first time I am actually GETTING BETTER. Muscles I had forgotten I had post op are now coming under my control. The experience at PTI is the most empowering physical therapy to date. Being able to control these small muscle groups has led to better balance and endurance. Even my personal trainer has noticed the difference. One difference is the bright, light filled, clean environment and modern equipment not available in most gyms or clubs. The hands on massage and muscle manipulation have increased my range of motion, so I am working my way to pre-operative levels of functioning. 

Felious V said:   September 9th, 2016 
I go to the Sherwood location and I must say that Brad and the young lady there are AWESOME.  Lift my spirits on my down days and help to rid me of the pain somewhat.

Joyce W said:   August 28th, 2016 
What a pleasure to work with the wonderful staff at PTI.  Such a carrying, entertaining group and successful therapy.  Thank you!

Nancy F  said:   April 21st, 2015 
Adjectives to describe PTI:  Caring, Professional, Friendly, Knowledgeable, Efficient, Encouraging. Chris, Courtney & Sonni include all those adjectives and more.  I feel so much better after my heart valve replacement surgery than I have felt in years and a lot of it is due to the exercise program they gave me at home and now in their out-patient facility. Keep up the good work!!

Evelyn said:   April 21st, 2016 
Congratulations on a first-rate website!  Very informative and easy to use.  I am able to recover from my pelvis fractures much quicker and more completely because of the work PTI is putting me through.  I'm more than delighted to say I'm one of your patients!

Chandler C said:   April 14th, 2015 
You guys are the best ever!  I always love when people ask where I take therapy and I'm always proud to say PTI.  You guys are not about getting me to an acceptable ROM you're about getting me to my 110%.  And that's whats awesome! I always love coming to PT! Great location.  Great atmosphere. and AWESOME staff! --Bing!

Marilyn R said:   February 24th
Impressive website, and very impressive staff.  Thanks for helping me gain strength in my hip and legs caused mostly by strokes.  I have kept up the exercises that you taught me and feel much better.  I still have trouble raising from a chair but I'm trying to overcome it.  Best wishes for continued success of your physical therapy business.

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