Courtney wears multiple "hats" with PTI.   Aside from patient care responsibilities she assists with day to day management of our home health and outpatient business.   She enjoys working with athletes of all ages and gait training with prosthetic population.   

Courtney enjoys baking, playing cards, and board games with her kids

Beth is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Healthcare Administration.

All Your Rehab Needs

Beth Arredon

  • Receptionist
  • Location:  Little Rock
  • Interests:  

Front Office

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy  
Speech Language Pathology

Functional Training

Front Office Managers

Courtney Heyl, M.ED., ATC

  • Front Office Manager, Athletic Trainer
  • Location:  Little Rock / Maumelle
  • College:  BS of Athletic Training,  Arkansas State University  - 2006
  • ​College:  M.Ed of Athletic Training,  University of Virginia - 2007
  • Interests: