Physical Therapy Institute was founded in 2009 by physical therapists, Derek Lagemann and Chris Long.  Our goal was to develop a company that strives to obtain clinical excellence in all rehab settings.  We are also attempting to improve continuity of care from the hospital, to the home, to outpatient centers, by providing skilled services in all phases of rehab.   

PTI was established as a physical therapy provider however we have quickly evolved into a true rehab team through our services of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Personal Training.  

PTI can take care of "All Your Rehab Needs" in both the house and outpatient settings. If you or a loved one meets Medicare guidelines of a "Homebound Status," PTI can perform treatments in the comfort of your home through our relationship with Home Health Agencies.  Once the rehab goals have been achieved and the patient is no longer "homebound" we can transfer all services to one of our outpatient departments.  

About PTI

All Your Rehab Needs

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy  
Speech Language Pathology

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